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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 11, 2010 12:35am-1:35am EDT

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>> i don't think so. >> [ bleep ] you right now. >> you are? >> reporter: what is [ bleep ]? >> [ bleep ] is, in control of a situation that the other person doesn't realize that you're in control of and they never really realize you were in control of it. >> reporter: like this interview. >> this interview? nah. you're one of the best [ bleep ] in the game, i can tell you that. >> reporter: thank you very much. i'll take that as a compliment. >> it is a compliment. >> reporter: and with that, diddy was off to do what he does best. offering his brand to the world. >> and the saga continues. >> i had the opportunity to ask diddy a die hard sportsman and knicks fan about the nba finals, who he thinks will win, and why. >> kobe bryant, i think, is the best player in the nba, paul
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pierce is the best player on the boston celtics. and i think that's the difference. >> reporter: and that difference means that the diddy dollar is on the lakers? my money's on the lakers. i think it's the all-around team. how they're coached. i think they're better coached and they have more experience. i think they're more prepared, and more consistent. i think there's a lot of inconsistencies with boston. you know who's running the show with the lakers. the team knows who is running the show and kobe leads them to the wins and the championship. >> but in fact, that remains up in the air. indeed, the celtics tied the series tonight, two games apiece. and when we come back, we'll turn to cats and dockgs, and th level of pet primping you need to see to believe. it extreme grooming, for better or worse. tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt compare a well equipped lexus es, to a well-equipped buick lacrosse.
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i'm deeply sorry. the gulf is home for thousands of bp employees and we all feel the impact. to all the volunteers and for the strong support of the government, thank you. we know it is our responsibility to keep you informed and do everything we can so this never happens again. we will get this done. we will make this right.
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thanks for your help. it's no secret that americans love their pets. we've all seen dogs dressed in designer duds, cats with carefully manicured manes. but in our next story, animals become a blank canvas. and when the groomers are done, their master works are enough to make some animal lovers howl in distress. as jeremy hubbard now reports. >> reporter: don't let your eyes fool you. this is not some sort of strange shrunken budweiser clydesdale. and this no miniature zebra. these are actually pets, kitties and poodles, cut, clipped and colored.
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their fur morphed into a canvas. >> the docks love this. they really do. >> reporter: this is extreme pet grooming. think child beauty pageant gone canine. >> if it don't shine, it ain't mine. >> creative stifling is very unique and different. you see a lot of animals that look more like characters with their creative carving and shaping and colors and designs. >> reporter: we were on hand for the pet stylist super show in knoxville, tennessee. angela, an internationally renowned creative stylist, is the one to beat. >> these are going to be the flowers and vines. the angel will be right here. >> reporter: poodles make the best canvas gauze of all that hair. >> i'm angela, and i've won more creative grooming titles than anyone else. this is 37 placements. >> reporter: angela is featured in the new reality show,
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"extreme poodles," airing on tlc. >> i take this very seriously. >> reporter: what she has planned for the competition back in knoxville has taken a little extra work. she's transforming her poodle into a piece of art, she calls grieving angel, for my mom. >> i'm doing this for my mom who passed away in february. it means a lot. >> reporter: they find their inspiration in all sports of places. this is a tribute to dolly parton. that's her coat of many colors. and, you know carol, the monster from "where the wild things are?" look closely, this carol is a cat. a cat. >> cats are all i groom. i don't do dogs. >> reporter: the challengers have come here sketching out their designs up to six months in advance, then shaving, trichling and coloring, using these pens that blow dye onto the dog. >> everything we use is completely safe for the animals. so safe you can swallow it. >> reporter: what about the
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physical and mental well being of the animals? >> this is disgusting. >> reporter: stephanie is a dog groomer in new york city who thinks dogs should look like dogs and refused to decorate them in the past. she thinks this is nothing less than animal cruelty. >> do you think a puppy would behave this way? >> reporter: you think this is effecting them long-term? >> absolutely. does he look like a 1-year-old puppy? look at him. doesn't he look miserable. >> reporter: she says the heat from the curling irons can burn their skin and dry out their hair, and the 30 hours spent on the grooming table before a show can leave the dogs exhausted. no true dog lover, she says, would ever do this. >> get a life and, to me, i don't think they fully understand the stress level that they put on their dogs, you know, through these procedures. >> reporter: some of the groo r groomers say they get hate mail, but they claim the dogs are in no harm and love the attention.
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>> and they're off! >> reporter: the groomers must perform skits before the judges to help convey the overall theme of their dog's new do. >> brings tears to my eyes to know that this is where creative styling is going. >> reporter: but only one can take home that first place prize. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: one more keepsake for angela's trophy case, thanks to one unusually painted pooch. i'm jeremy hubbard for "nightline" in new york. >> some outrageous fashions, indeed. and not without some controversy. you can see more extreme poodles this weekend on tlc, and our thanks to jeremy hubbard. and when we come back, we go to the soccer pitch. the world cup drama is set to begin on the field, but the drama off the field is already on fire. sex and sport collide in tonight's "sign of the times."
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>> in just a few hours, the anticipation ends and the world cup begins in south africa. but one storyline already stirring interest has little to do with soccer on the field. no, this is far more scandalous. for nick watt, sex and sport as a world cup subplot is tonight's "sign of the times." >> reporter: john and wayne were friends and teammates. multimillionaires, soccer gods. then, so the story goes, wayne broke up with his girlfriend vanessa and john, well, apparently john slept with her. she denies it, but wayne and john are no longer friends. >> soccer players, basketball players, baseball players, who cloister together, really. it would be impossible for it not to happen. i would have thought. i'm sure it's more common than we know. >> bridge by passes he one-time closest friend. >> reporter: john was sacked
12:50 am
from his job as captain of england soccer team and wayne said he didn't want to go to the word cup anymore because john was still going. over in france, there was snickering. >> most people smile because also england were in trouble. >> reporter: but then, three french soccer stars were accused of all sleeping with the same underaged prostituted. she was allegedly 17 at the time. two denied the charge. the other admits to a liaison but says he thought she was over 18. >> the actual story was not from a french perspective that shocking. >> reporter: because in france, taking a mistress is apparently, de rigueur, and no one cares. the young lapdy apparently has no complaints. prosecutors have shelved the case until after the world cup. >> so the players involved are not going to be annoyed during
12:51 am
the competition, which is quite extraordinary, when you think about it. >> reporter: okay, let's just leave the french alone. they clearly have different rules and attitudes. let's further sul little our palettes with my top three sporting sex scandals of all time. number one, tiger woods. you all know the story. beautiful swedish wife, string of alleged conquests. number two, the new york yankees. 1972. lefty pitchers swapped wives. number three, the minnesota vikings, 2005. a boat, a lake, floridian prostitutes -- >> 250, 300-pound guys having sex right in the middle of the floor in front of you. >> reporter: three players were later found guilty of disorderly conduct. >> it's terry! >> reporter: should we expect more from athletes? they're buff, young, rich and have a lot of time on their
12:52 am
hands between games. >> on a day when he's got plenty of personal problems highlighted in the newspapers. >> as long as they don't drink too much, you know, they're having sex, which most doctors will tell you the good and healthy. >> reporter: and as long as they're not doing it with a teammate's wag. i'm nick watt for "nightline." >> our thanks to nick watt. here's jimmy kimmel with what's coming up on abc. >> tonight, from "the a-team," bradley cooper, the kardashian sisters are with
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finally tonight, abc news's john quinones reports from peru, saying that joran van der sloot, the man once suspected of killing natalee holloway in arena and now accused in the murder of 21-year-old stephany
12:56 am
flores has told authorities he will tell authorities what happened to holloway and where her body is buried. there will be more on "good morning america" tomorrow. that's our report for tonight. for all of us at abc news, good tonight. for all of us at abc news, good night, america. ttttttttttt >> jimmy: hi, imjimmy kimmel with a word about one of the greatest vacation spots on planet earth. canada. sunny canada, warm can gap you can do mountain top yoga. i'm more of a fishing guy, myself. i'm happy to show you a beautiful salmon i caught last summer. i flew over on water plane. i only threw up one time. that's me. this is my friend james "baby doll" dixon.
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this salmon was smoked two summers ago. this is my friend jeff ross two summers ago. devouring a pickle. i love montreal. a statue we broke in the room. sorry. this is my friend robby. sound asleep this the airport. a rough week end. who is this beautiful lady shopping for vests. canada was fun, right? >> it was. >> jimmy: do yourself a favor, visit one of canada's great cities. it's nice. >> dicky: for your chance to win a trip to canada this summer, visit the website. >> jimmy: back in moments with the kardashian sisters, bradley cooper. [ malale announcer ] intre with micromoisturure...
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bradley cooper. kourtney kardashian, and khloe kardashian odom. music from taio cruz. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's jimmy kimmel live". >> dicky: and now, guess what? here's jimmy kimmel. >> jimmy: welcome. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the program.
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thank you for watching on this important night of basketball. game four of the nba finals tonight between the lakers and celtics in boston. we do not know the outcome of the game because it's on right now. let's skip the show tonight and just watch the game. what do you say? we'll all pile on to an enormous couch and share a giant bud light. get a clean trash can and 200 straws. >> okay. >> jimmy: the lakers won game three in boston. i wonder if he'll get it. this is how kobe celebrated the win. >> kobe, thank you. >> the celtic never able to regain the lead. >> jimmy: a new brand of hair gel. it comes from his nose. the referees are getting a lot of criticism. the commissioner, david stern said, it wouldn't be a
1:02 am
lakers-celtics final without complaints from fans about officiating. i think this was the worst of them all. on tuesday night. >> rondo to a wide open allen. he puts up a three. out of nowhere. blocks the ball. >> jimmy: let's have a look at that again. it's almost as if he did it intentionally. right? you know, before -- before game three, someone handed out 5,000 paper masks with khloe kardashian odom's mask on them. i guess the idea was to distract lamar by having 5,000 of his wife in the audience. he set a new world record by having sex with 5,000 celtics fans after the game. 30 of them are pregnant. that backfired.
1:03 am
khloe car dash nan odom and her sister, kourtney odom kardashian. does she have an odom in will? the real excitement is the world cup starts in ten hours. the world cup soccer from south africa. the excitement you get when flag day is coming up, i kind of feel hike that with the world cup the first match is mexico versus south africa. who are you going to be rooting for? >> mexico, of course. >> jimmy: why? >> because mexico is going to win. >> jimmy: why do you hate south aftric africa? what do you love about south africa? >> the food. >> jimmy: the u.s. team place england on saturday. the referees for that game are from brazil. they've been studying english
1:04 am
curse words. all the old favorites. are there any words that don't have a curse word attached to them? maybe the "r" word. the refs are studying the words. they have to learn fast. they're ding a language learning system that, it's a cool one. i think every young ref reshould have this. >> want to learn to swear in english? now it's easy with the berlitz foul language course. it's narrated by famous celebrities. >> what don't you [ bleep ] understand stand? >> this [ bleep ] thing sucks. >> lily tomlin. >> [ bleep ] you [ bleep ] you [ bleep ] you. not yet the thing together. >> [ bleep ] you. >> this is where my [ bleep ]
1:05 am
weed neighbor. >> [ bleep ] weed neighbor. >> yes, the berlitz foul language series will have you sursing in no time. >> or go [ bleep ] yourself. >> jimmy: so that will be helpful. there's an old thing, i think it started in boxing, that says athletes should avoid sex before a being fight, or in this case, the game. the coach of the english team, not only has he banned his players from having sex for the month of the tournament, he had cameras installed in their hotel trooms make sure they're not having sex. it's worse this soccer because you can't use your hands. i have to say, i'm surprised england would allow this. i think it's a serious violation of privacy. and there's no scientific proop that this helps an athlete's performance.
1:06 am
i did abstain from sex personally through my high school athletic career. that was an involunteer thing. a decision made by all the girls in the school. we turn to the staff medical expert, dr. uncle frank. doctor? >> hi, dr. uncle frank here, keeping you healthy. our first question dproms bob costas in smallish, oregon. what kind of sex can i have that won't impair my per fformance o the field? the kind is you should be the e resip row cant. don't be the aggressive. lie back and enjoy it. be reciprocant. >> jimmy: thank you. thank you, doctor.
1:07 am
great advice. today was day 52 of the oil spill in the gulf, bought to you by bp. kevin costner testified in congress yesterday. if you spilled it, he can l come. he did. [ applause ] the coast guard says bp's new containment dome is pumping more oil than the boat they sent to collect the oil can hold. first aunderestimated the size of the spill. then the boats they need to collect it. they have a real sizing problem. you can see that in every part of the organization. >> bp is capturing great amounts of oil from the shore. the boats are not large enough to hold all of it. the late nest a series of miscalculations from oil giant, bp. >> unfortunately, we glossily
1:08 am
miscalculated the size of the boats necessary to capture the oil from the well. but larger boats are on the way. >> yes, as you can see from the photos, the new votes are capable of holding tens of thousands of gallons of oil. so don't worry, we have it covered. >> jimmy: they should just switch suits. you know -- the -- the country music television awards were last night in nashville. the big winners, carrie underwood, brooks & dunn, keith urban. they brought the cast of "jersey shore" to the show to present with paula deen. >> jersey's in the house, yawl. >> jimmy: carrie was unamused.
1:09 am
snooki has a new twitter friend. she was complaining about a new tanning tax, and john mccain tweeted her and said, you are right, i would never tax your tanning bed. president obama's tax-spend policy is quite the situation. then he laughed and laughed and laughed until he wet himself. are we supposed to think he knows about jersey shore? i hope they keep it up. john mccain and snooki would be the mother of all hook yups. this is good. lady gaga at her younger sister's high school graduation. the invitation said casual bi-polar and so she -- she didn't want to draw attention to herself so she wrapped her head in a caldron. some good news about the chain
1:10 am
smoking baby. >> we have an update. about the toddler who chain smokes 40 cigarettes a day. good news, he's cut down to 15 cigarettes day thanks to therapy. >> jimmy: you know what would get him to cut down for good is to don't give him any. not like he can run to albertson's or something. officials offered to give the parents a car if they got the kid to stop smoking. seems like a weird incentive. if they quit giving him scotch, do they give him a house. they might not want to -- hay might want to stop giving him so much attention. thanks to the news coverage, jabba the to the is about to become the co-star of a network reality show. >> what happens when the world's
1:11 am
most adorable smoking baby and the world's most adorable smoking monkey live together. it will make you laugh. cry. and fall over. entertainment weekly calls it the best show on television about a shoeking baby and smoking monkey. smoking baby monkey house. followed by a new koeb la and baby. >> jimmy: wow. all right. it's thursday night, that means it's time for our weekly tribute to the fcc where we bleep and blur things whether they need it or not. it is this week in unnecessary sensor ship. >> the top five on the strongest sports in america. one of them was [ bleep ] kicking. and the top [ bleep ] kickers just had their championship. >> the crowd is extra [ bleep ] up for the game tonight.
1:12 am
>> we have to play hard. we have to [ bleep ] hard. >> i love ross perot. >> president obama says it's [ bleep ] kicking time on the coast. >> new insight into how you [ bleep ] a baby bird. >> we have chemistry. just [ bleep ] right way. >> you know you're from new orleans when you [ bleep ] and hang with the indians. >> will bella [ bleep ] edward? or will she [ bleep ] jacob? >> it ends like this. >> don't thing of it as an end. my people will spend years [ bleep ] your [ bleep ]. >> back over to [ bleep ] meredith. >> kobe was in there taking a [ bleep ] and artest walked in and said, i'm going to find way to come help you. >> jimmy: kourtney and khloe
1:13 am
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>> jimmy: hi, there. two women that are sisters. keeping up with the kardashians and kourtney and khloe take miami. khloe got married to one of the lakers, lamar odom. they met a month and day before day got married. any way, we bought this bump kin. we called it the love pumpkin. we wanted to see which would last longer, their marriage, or the pumpkin. the front looks fine, but how -- >> dicky: how is their marriage doing? >> jimmy: better than the pumpkin.
1:18 am
they've outlasted the pumpkin. love triumphs again. also tonight, this is his album, it's called rok star. taio cruz. and don't forget, sunday our special with jessica alba and lamar odom. at the's after the game out west. you know our first guest tonight from "hangover," "he's just not that into you." starting tomorrow, he plays face in the big screen version of "the a-team" please welcome bradley cooper. [ applause ] good to see you. >> thank you. >> jimmy: thanks for coming. >> thank you. >> jimmy: you look sharp.
1:19 am
the three-piece suit. >> i look like i came from a funeral. like a pall bearer. >> jimmy: you're usually dressed like a bum. i have not seen you since before the "hangover" came out, on the show. that turned out okay, right? >> not bad. crazy. >> jimmy: it's -- it was a great movie. >> thank you. >> jimmy: you must be like the patron saint of bachelor parties. >> it's on my website. >> jimmy: do guys try to get you to come to their bachelor parties? >> no, they like to regale me with the stories. >> referee: fr their bachelor parties. we were still doing the tours for it. i was in the airport. three guys come stumbling out. look like they just left the bachelor party.
1:20 am
they're like dude, bro, bro, bro. smell his shirt. my buddy is getting married. and i smelled his shirt. oh, wow. >> jimmy: what did the shirt smell like. >> i would be lying if i told you because i blocked it out. >> jimmy: probably a good idea. you had the premier in mexico for "the a-team." >> we did. >> jimmy: was that to apologize for what we did for their gulf. >> it was my idea. let's go to moexco. it was crazy. they're nice, the mexicans. >> jimmy: they are. in general, they're friendly to us. some countries are not nice. >> they were very generous. they were very excited. it was weird. like in this, like i'm from pennsylvania, there's like willow grove mall was a big mall grows up. it felt like the premier was in
1:21 am
a mall. we're going up escalators. signing autographs going up the escalator, getting a snow cone. maybe that was the only venue. >> jimmy: what is it called in mexico? >> i was like, what movie are they talk about. like magnifico a something. >> jimmy: do you know what sit? >> los magnificos. >> jimmy: wow. >> the best, the hangover in french was like, some really bad night was the translation. there is no word in french for hangover. >> jimmy: a is a. the a team. >> i'll look into that. >> jimmy: so you're in mexico. you're from philadelphia? or where? >> just outside. brid bridal, pennsylvania.
1:22 am
>> jimmy: you're working on a movie there? >> with the big man. >> jimmy: robert de niro. >> it was great, oh, man. that was something. that was crazy. >> jimmy: was he intimidating? >> he's the reason i became an actor. he was -- >> jimmy: is he really the reason you got into acting. >> he really kind of is. >> jimmy: what movie made an impression. more than one? >> "taxi driver" "1800" "raging bull." i'm like, i gained 20 pounds for wedding crashers. because vince vaughn is a big guy. i was trying to find any way into talking about "ranling bull." like lamatta. or like you in "raging bull."
1:23 am
not at all. >> jimmy: no reaction? what is it like doing a scene with him? is he one of those guys -- >> the truth is, no joke, he's probably the -- it's the best experience i have ever had. we were doing the table read. you read the script aloud in front of 40 people. he's signature next to me. he doesn't come in until page 25. i have voiceovers. i'm talking. talking. this is going great. he's like, brad -- he was saying his line. i didn't know. it was so real. and i remember i was like, and i thought, all of a sunday he took me, probably like, signature back, oh, you think you're acting. watch this. >> jimmy: you're reading, i'm acting. this is a table act for me, not a table read. did you have emotional one-on-one scenes with him? >> we did. i play a guy who takes a drug that opens up the 80% of your brain that you don't usually
1:24 am
use. i can't every stutter when i'm talking. i have monologues. he plays an investment banker. i'm trying to get him to hire me. a very long smart thing i say. on his koench he was like this and he goes, go on. and i was like, go on, i'm out of the dialogue. and so i started making up all this crazy [ bleep ]. i mean, like stock prices. and the take was like 10, 15 minutes long. he kept going, go on. and i -- i was like, you know, you started out, bob shea gave you your first shot. i have no idea who that is. he's like, he did, he did. i did, yeah. i was talking about discovery buying something at 2 1/2. that will give you a yield of --
1:25 am
and your domestic. i'm sweating. i'm thinking, what is he doing to me? he wants a real reaction. they'll film one scene like this and then they come with the camera. i started to love that. there was one moment he's laying into me. i was like, bob, if you don't mind. calling him bob,s the crazy. i was like, just really lay into me so i really feel it. he's like all right, all right. say i'm a fake and all this stuff. they start rolling. and the camera is like here. i come into frame, he's like, you're nothing, you're a fake. you're not going to last. you know this. you know this about yourself. you're nothing. i don't ne why you're here right now. i'm listening to him, i forgot i had to go in front of the camera. i was so real. it was -- i was just destroyed. you're right. i shouldn't be doing this movie.
1:26 am
i'm gone. >> jimmy: i'm sorry, bob. that's great. so, this movie, "the a-team" this show was one of the worst shows ever. i mean, we were 12 years old. but the movie looks fantastic. >> wait, let's talk about it being the worst show ever. the camp aspect of it. have you gone back and watched it? >> jimmy: oh, yes. it's unbelievable. >> you could never replace that. >> jimmy: wow wonder, what was i thinking at that time in my life, because i thought it was great. >> if i could get a pair of gloves, a cigar, a mohawk i could be great. i didn't know people didn't get in a car without getting thrown over it first. >> jimmy: you dot to shoot huge guns.
1:27 am
>> guns the size of small children. >> jimmy: have you shotguns before, or children? >> a couple of kids. i felt like will arnett just then. like jimmy, ah -- >> jimmy: but, yeah, i mean that's got to be really a dream come true. >> did you grow up shooting fake tons? >> jimmy: well, cleto and i used to steal a shot gun out of his dad's closet and shoot kites out of the sky. >> did you grow up on a farm? >> jimmy: it was las vegas. >> that's crazy. my big thing was cap guns. >> jimmy: no, we were shooting real shotguns. >> you were living the dream early. this is an m-4 machine gun. >> jimmy: i think we have a clip. >> let's look at the clip.
1:28 am
>> jimmy: let's look at it. >> on the plane. >> we ain't on that plane. >> i got to pop a window. yeah! what you got? what you got? yeah! >> because the blaen exploded. >> what? when? >> recently. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. i'll see that. "the a-team" opens tomorrow. bradley cooper everybody. we'll be right back with the kardashian girls.
1:29 am
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look, a window! - ( screams ) - sorry, , hone
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>> jimmy: we're back. still to come, day ceo cruz. between twitter, e television. the next guests are qukly replacing sasha and malia as the most popular sisters. please welcome kourtney kardashian and khloe kardashian odom. >> jimmy: i'm watching the game. >> i got a sneak make of the game. >> jimmy: i'm watching your husband under my desk. what is your husband doing under my desk. i heard that that sort of thing on "oprah." you're not pregnant, right? >> i'm not. >> not today any way. >> not today.
1:34 am
it's so insulting that people keep asking. what are you implaying about me? >> jimmy: you want to know what is insulting. people ask me if i'm pregnant. >> there's man that's pregnant. what is that guy's name. >> jimmy: his name's dave. i don't think he's -- well, i won't get into that whole thing. shouldn't you be -- >> do you miss us? >> jimmy: shouldn't you be in boston supporting your family? >> i should. instead, i'm under contract to be here. >> promoting our show. >> i'm not excited about that. everyone keeps rubbing it in. >> that's not nice. >> it's not a personal attack on jimmy. it's a personal attack on you. >> jimmy: this is your playoffs. your serious time where you have to buckle down. >> this is the first time i'm ever a part of championship. i'll be in boston this sunday. i'm a


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